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Enhanced mediachanger.exe / GUI to support Powerfile and Usability Features.

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Please don't let the fact I do not require donations fool you. I expect and need your support. Think twice before downloading this software without supporting me. If it helps you, and if it is useful to you, then you should help me in return. In the future, I an considering offering additional benefits to supporters such as a dedicated support site and custom features.

Download (Full package)

Download GUI-057x.exe (Update)

Download GUI-058x.exe (Update)

Bug fix GUI-057x.exe
Minor updates to the GUI to fix the following:
  • Picklist did not include slot 199 for Batch Scan operation
  • Automatic sizing causes overlapped lettering on low res LCD screens. The fix also makes the GUI bigger on high res screens.
Bug fix GUI-058x.exe  (includes all 057x changes)
Minor updates to the GUI to fix the following:
  • Fullslots now keeps track of which drive a slot is mounted on
  • Fullslots now allows explicit mount / unmount from a specific drive, regardless of which drive is selected on the main panel

(Just copy this file into the same folder with gui-056x.exe)

Known issues:

  • Extraneous "mounted" appears after unmount in Fullslots. Eventually disappears
  • File association doesn't always work as expected for "Play" command
  • Inability to automatically recover from C200 changer IO errors. R200 mount errors are ignored, with recovery after sevreal seconds.

Enhanced Mediachanger / GUI - GUI-056x, mediadogg version
This version of mediachanger / GUI is based on the GUI-055x as discussed and documented in the This information will not be repeated here, as I suspect that most of the audience for this enhanced version are already very familiar with the "legacy" version (GUI-055x). If I get a reasonable amount of support, I will consider providing better documentation and a support site.
Enhancments to mediachanger.exe:
  • Preliminary support for Powerfile and Starmatix changers. This support is not well tested, probably buggy, and will probably never be completed, due to the incompatibility of the old Powerfile systems with current windows software.
  • Support for changers with 2 drives.
  • "Next" command exposed and slot 198 bug fixed.
A summary of the command syntax is printed whenever mediachanger.exe is executed with no arguments or incorrect syntax. I have attempted to maintain backwards compatibility in order not to break existing scripts. If I failed in that, I sincerely apologize.
Enhancements to the "GUI"
  • Path bug fixed. Can put GUI-056x folder anywhere. (Edit: 06/08 - I think the bug is still there. Sorry)
  • Automatic discovery of changers and drives
  • Automatic association of drive letters with changer drives
  • Selection of changers by serial number
  • Selection of changer drive
  • Fullslots enhanced with context menu
    • Edit - edit the text of the disc title
    • Search - non case-sensitive forward search for a string within the disc tites list
    • Play - execute the MS "play" verb on the selected disc
    • Explore - execute the MS "open" verb on the selected disc
    • Mount - mount the selected disc
    • Lock checked titles - prevent the checked titles from being updated when a disc is mounted or during ID/Scan (Edit automatically locks the changed title). Fullslot entries with locked titles are lightly shaded to distinquish them from unlocked titles.
    • Unlock checked titles - allows the checked titles to be updated during a Mount or ID/Scan.
  • Medichanger.exe original code by Alex Wetmore, by permission.
  • GUI original code by "autorip" of, by permission.
Report bugs in the AVSFORUM.COM.
Following figure shows the GUI in Fullslots mode, just after the "play" context menu command has been executed on a disc containing an audio CD. The AutoPlay feature of windows has caused Windows Media Player to play the CD and download metadata. (Note: Fullslots context menu is not completely shown).


Souce for legacy MediaChanger.exe

Mediachanger GUI (055x)