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CQVGPServer - Sony VGPXL1B1/2/3 TCP Server for Charmed Quark Systems

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Thanks for stopping by! If you download this software, please be aware that it is covered by an "End User License Agreement." In a nutshell the EULA gives you license to use the software for non-commercial use. Systems Integrators or resellers should contact me before distributing the software. Thanks.
If you use this software, you are requested and expected to make a Paypal donation to support my efforts. Be sure to include your forum ID (and Forum) in the Paypal message so that I can give priority to your support requests, bug reports and suggestions.

Download (v 1.0)

CQVGPServer is designed to accept commands from a specific, compatible CQC driver written by John Hooper. No other uses are intended, authorized or supported. The role of CQVGPServer is to translate high level commands received over TCP to low level commands for control of firewire-connected Sony VGPXL1B1/2/3 DVD changers. Command protocols are not published as they are likely to change in the future without notice.
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