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SideCar - Plugin For Invelos DVD Profiler
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The purpose of SideCar is to provide additional data to HTML sections and to provide user customizable profile fields. It was initially offered in November of 2010 as a Beta concept.

SideCar has been updated in March 2015 to take advantage of new DVDP 3.9.0 database features that allow custom fields to be created and saved with a profile and optionally backed up locally and online. Invelos has also provided a way for plugins to make custom data fields available to HTML sections.

The first (Beta) version of SideCar only provided additinal HTML section data, using an obsolete technique. This method has been retained for the initial upgraded version, but will later be removed. HTML sections depending on the older method of accessing, for example, Watched History, will eventually need to be recoded to use the new format for accessing that data in an HTML section.

The initail releas(es) of SideCar provide several customizable fields that can be individually optionally selected within a database. Whether the field is used in a database (fields can be deleted), whether it is displayed, and what caption is used on the Filter Panel and HTM on Tags ("DP Vars"), are the only things that can be edited.. Future releases might also allow new fields to be created and edited.



Download SideCarUserGuide.pdf

Overview Continued:

The following field types are supported (all except Image can be used in a Filter)

  • String
  • Integer
  • DateTime
  • Boolean
  • List - multi-line set of text items that can be searched within a filter
  • String Dropdown
  • Image

Based on Invelos Forum suggestions and feature requests, SideCar has been created with a number of default fields that reflect those requirements. The captions for any default fields can be changed, filterable values customized, and the field itself can be either deleted from the database or hidden from view. If desired, the set of default fields and initial dropdown values can be restored in the Edit dialogue.

The set of default fields and initial dropdown values are as follows:

  • Alternate EAN (String) - no checking is made for EAN format, so this is simply a text field
  • Custom Audio Format: {"Auro-3D", "2.1 Mono", "1.0 Mono", "2.0 Dolby", "Dolby Atmos", "DTS:X", "Sensurround"}
  • Custom Case Type: {"Bust","Wendecover"}
  • Custom Display Mode: {"1080i", "1080p", "4K"}
  • Custom Features: (List) - I've seen items like "Play All" requested. You can filter on the items.
  • Custom Film Mode: {"Cinemascope", "Panavision", "Todd - AO"}
  • Digital Copy Code: (String)
  • Digital Copy Type: {"Disney", "Fox", "iTunes", "Lionsgate", "Paramount", "Sony Pictures", "universal", "Warner Bros.", "Ultraviolet"}
  • DVD Owner: (String) - in case the collection contains entires for multiple family members
  • Number Of Copies: (1) - in case you have more than one copy of a particular DVD
  • Custom Video Codec: {"VC1", "AVC"}
  • User Bool 1: (false)
  • User Bool 2: (false)
  • User Bool 3: (false)
  • User Bool 4: (false)
  • User Bool 5 (false)
  • User Date 1:
  • User Date 2:
  • User Dropdown 1:
  • User Dropdown 2:
  • User Integer 1: (1)
  • User Integer 2: (1)
  • User Image 1: - small jpeg image
  • User Image 2: - small jpeg image
  • User List 1:
  • User List 2:
  • User String 1:
  • User String 2:

In the DVDP Filter Tab, boolean appear as checkboxes, strings and integers can be compared with appropriate operators, such as "Equal", and fields supporting Lists can be compaeed with a text string using "Contains".

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Beta SideCar 0.3 - To be Withdrawn in the Near Future
In order to use the Beta SideCar HTML Section variables, simple Javascripting is required. The following sample script is provided as part of the plugin:
<SCRIPT TYPE="text/javascript">
<DP NAME="HEADER_VARS" Language="JavaScript" Comments="True" IncludeCast="False" IncludeCrew="False">
 var AuxDP = new ActiveXObject("SideCar.DVDData");
 var watched_history = eval( AuxDP.watchedhistory);
 var boxset_contents = eval (AuxDP.boxsetcontents);
  document.write("<P>" +  AuxDP.parentprofile+ "</P>");
  document.write("<P>" +  AuxDP.retailertype+ "</P>");
  document.write("<P>" +  AuxDP.retailerwebsite+ "</P>");
  document.write("<P>" +  AuxDP.boxsetcontents+ "</P>");
  document.write("<P>" + AuxDP.watchedhistory+ "</P>");
  document.write("<P>" + watched_history+ "</P>");
  document.write("<P>" + boxset_contents+ "</P>");

What this coding does is to make the following profile data available to an HTML section:
- Parent profile ID
- Retailer type (Local / Online)
- Retailer Web Site
- Box Set Contenets array
- Watched History array
Each line of the watched history consists of a string using "|" as a delimter, representing a watched event, e.g. "date|firstname|lastname|notes".
This string can be parsed using the string "split" operator to yield an array of the individual components.