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Ptouch Label and Barcode Plugin for Invelos DVD Profiler

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This plugin uses the Brother bPAC SDK for label printing on compatible Brother / Ptouch devices. The label templates must have been created in Ptouch Editor 3 or 4 format. Labels may include up to 1 EAN or UPC barcode block and up to 1 image block.
Release 1.2 supports printing a label for the selected DVD profile or printing labels for flagged DVDs. A copy of each label is saved as a 600 dpi image for use with other applications.
As of 1.3, DVD Profiler fields to be substituted in labels must be identified with a prefixed "!". So, to get the DVD title, you must embed "!Title" in the label at the psoition that you want it to print.
Release 1.4 fixes a bug that prevented use of a field more than once on a label. Now you can use a supported field any number of times.

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PtouchLabel � 2007 Jim Richards

 This plugin is installed by unpacking and executing PTLabelInstall.exe. As with any software installation, proper care should be taken during installation, such as stopping all other unnecessary programs and making a backup of critical data, such as your DVD Profiler database.

The following requirements must be met in order to use this plugin:

(1) You must have a bPAC compatible print driver installed on your system (Windows XP or Vista). To print the labels, you must also have a compatible printer installed. See the Brother web site.

(2) You must have the bPAC Client software installed. This can be downloaded from the Brother web site.

(3) You must have created labels with the Ptouch Editor version 3 or 4.

Each label may contain one or more text objects, up to 1 barcode object, and up to 1 image object.

If a barcode object is found, a barcode is created. You are responsible for building and selecting a template that is appropraite to the selected DVD profile (e.g. EAN or UPCA). The upc code from DVD Profiler will be filled in by the plugin.

If an image object if found, the front cover thumbnail image is used from DVD Profiler. If no objects are found that match the supported fields, a default label will be constructed consisting of the barcode image, title, rating and collection number.

Text objects may be placed anywhere on the label. In order to tell the plugin what data to use from DVD Profiler, you must useexact spelling of the text objects. Any other text will be left alone and treated as standalone text within the label.

Text Objects Supported (English only, case sensitive):

!UPC = DVD Profiler profile ID (12 or 13 digits)

!Fornatted UPC = DVD Profiler Formatted UPC field

!Title = DVD Profiler Title field

!Sort Title = DVD Profiler Sort Title field

!Original Title = DVD Profiler Original Title field

!CollNum = DVD Profiler Collection Number field

!Rating = DVD Profiler Formatted Rating field

!Media = will print DVD or HD DVD or BluRay from profile data

!SRP = DVD SRP field

!PricePaid = DVD Profiler price paid from personal information

!Edition = DVD Profiler Edition field 

!Genren = coded as !Genre1, !Genre2, etc. - specific genre entry

!Castn = coded as !Cast1 or !Cast2, etc. - specific cast members

!Location = Disc#1 Location field
!Slot = Disc#1 Slot field
!RunTime = DVD Running time

Method of Operation

After having installed the appropraite software and creating a template:

  1. Select a DVD profile
  2. Click Tools/Print P-Touch Label or Click on the PTouch toolbar icon
  3. Select the template to be used
  4. Review the preview image
  5. Click Ok or Cancel

New in release 1.2:

A new menu option allows printing multiple (flagged) labels. You may also choose to preview each label, or only preview the first label before printing.

Note:There is no way to cancel printing without preview, so be careful if you choose to bypass label preview.

As of 1.3, DVD Profiler fields to be substituted in labels must be identified with a prefixed "!". So, to get the DVD title, you must embed "!Title" in the label at the psoition that you want it to print.
Sample UPCA Label
Sample EAN Label

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