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Download UPCSetup.exe

UPC Filter Plugin
The UPC Filter Plugin is a simple plugin that allows you to quickly flag all of your DVD's with your barcode scanner. You can then run reports or other options off of these flagged profiles. If the 'Child Profiles'  flag is set it will also flag all the children and grandchildren of the scan profile.
Once loaded, simply dock the UPC Filter window the first time. You can turn it off by selecting View->Windows->Barcode Filter.
The requirements of this plugin are DVDProfile 3.0 or greater, .NET 2.0 installed. To uninstall, you can remove it from Add/Remove program.
NOTE: for Vista users, you might need UAC turned off even if running as an administrator (just to install it the first time) you can turn it back on after.

Download IpodExport.exe

Ipod Exporter:
Export your collection to your Ipod, titles are grouped into 3 catagories. "Owned", "Ordered" and "Wishlist". Within each of these groups, you can group further by alpha or try and pack as many titles into as few as files as possible. (Ipod notes has a limit of 4k size so each file will not be bigger than that).
If you have an Ipod that supports photos, you can even download your cover art (front cover) to view for each title. (5th gen or greater, ver 1.2).
Please make sure that your Ipod is enabled for disk access, (This can be turned on in Itunes) and that it's plugged into your computer when you export. The downloading of coverart doesn't have to happen every time you sync, unless you are adding new covers. Moving titles from wishlist to owned does not require this.
Your Ipod when it receives these files will start to process them. This process can take a few minutes to a half hour depending on how big your collection is, how many files it has created and if you choose to view the covers or not. I have no control over this, if even one file is changed you will have to go through this process each time.
For support or questions on this plugin please visit the forum .aspx?task=viewtopic&topicID =206880, Mediadogg is just hosting this, I will help in any way I can.

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